Heading into fall usually makes us think of pumpkin everything, sweaters, hoodies, and football games, but it also means your closet probably needs a seasonal switch.  While you pack away the sandals and pull out your boots, you’re going to need to update your accessory game, too.  That straw tote that is full of sand isn’t going to compliment a buffalo plaid shirt flannel shirt.  Additionally, flip-flops don’t transition well from the beach to the apple orchard.

If you’re looking for accessories that are cruelty-free, however, you can find yourself in a dilemma.  In the past, the options for vegan accessories pretty much ranged from “pvc” and “pleather” to canvas.  The look of leather is an absolute must for fall and cooler months, but if you’re the type of vegan who doesn’t even touch honey, a leather handbag isn’t even on your radar.  You want the durability and quality of a great leather bag, but without the sacrifice of the animal who used to wear the skin.  

Thankfully, numerous top designers have answered the call of vegans and animal lovers everywhere by producing cruelty-free handbags and vegan accessories that are not only equally as gorgeous and on-trend as their leather counterparts, but functional and durable as well.  These bags are absolute must-haves for your fall wardrobe.  

If you’re concerned that not all cruelty-free vegan accessories are actually cruelty free, it’s important to do your homework.  Cruelty-free means that no animal was used in any way, or was anyhow connected to the manufacture, production, and/or sale of the product you buy.  Some products can say “cruelty free” without actually being  cruelty free.  

A great example is a set of mink false lashes.  Obviously, the mink in these lashes is from the fur of a mink, but some companies will market them as cruelty free claiming that the fur used in their lashes has been removed by brushing the animal. While brushing may not cause direct harm, the animal is still being held captive in poor conditions for the sake of the end product (the lashes), which isn’t at all “cruelty free.”  

You also want to ensure that the vegan accessories you purchase are 100% authentic vegan.  This means absolutely no part of the accessory’s materials or construction can have involved an animal or animal byproduct.  This can be tricky, as some brands will market their accessories as vegan with the caveat that some small portion of the item is actually not vegan at all.  

Once you’ve decided on a reputable company, you can confidently build your fall accessory wardrobe with these four must-have vegan accessories.  

Vegan Full-Size Convertible Bag

You’ve got stuff, this bag has places to put it.  A full size “carry-it-all” style bag is a must-have as we transition from summer to fall.  If you’re going back to school, look for a bag that can easily convert from crossbody to backpack style to shoulder.  This way, you’re never out of trend no matter where the season takes your handbag straps, and depending on the load you’re carrying in your bag, you can select which carrying option is the most comfortable.   

A full size bag should be wide enough to carry a 13”-15” laptop, and have numerous compartments for things like files, folders, pens, and other tools.  Essentially, when carrying this bag, you shouldn’t need to carry anything else.  

If you think you can’t find a great full-size vegan handbag with Italian craftsmanship, think again.  They’re 100% available in 100% vegan leather and boast the same attention to detail and handcrafted quality as their leather counterparts.  

You’ll want to look for certain extra features on a full-size bag, like metal feet so you can sit the bag on the floor and allow it to stand without getting dirty.  Italian craftsmanship means you’ll always be guaranteed hand-painted fixtures on your bag and hand stitching that is second to none.  

Vegan Boots

Can you even do fall without a great pair of boots?  We don’t think so, and if you’re like us and feel like you can never have too many pairs, we’ve got the perfect solution for your new boot itch this fall.

Okay, maybe, just maybe, boots aren’t an accessory, but  we’re totally considering them to be when we suggest vegan riding boots as a must-have vegan accessory.  A great pair of vegan riding boots is just the thing to transition you out of summer and into fall and winter.  While boot styles come and go and the popularity of different boot heights constantly change from higher to lower, the riding boot has survived the test of time.

Riding boots are a great outdoor option because they’re made tough and can handle getting dirty.  This is why we’re classifying them as an accessory; you may not wish to wear your riding boots all day, but if you have a great pair stashed by the back door, you can slip them on in a matter of minutes and head out for apple-picking, a fall festival, or wherever the day takes you.  If you end up taking a hayride at a farm, you’re covered; these boots can handle a little mud.  

Vegan riding boots are now available in styles and colors that rival their leather cousins in beauty and durability.  A great vegan boot feels and looks like the real thing and never chips or cracks like the cheap leather alternatives you remember from years ago.  The attention to detail and quality of material in today’s vegan riding boots make them one of our top fall vegan accessory essentials.  

Vegan Belt Bag

If you haven’t jumped on the belt or waist bag train yet, what are you waiting for?  Belt bags are bags that are small enough to be worn around your waist, but big enough to carry essentials for your day, your evening, or wherever you need to go.  A great belt bag will have a quality, adjustable strap, fit comfortably around your low waist (essentially where your belt would go) and be made of a durable material with a little give so that the bag is able to move as you move your body.

These aren’t the “fanny packs” from the 90’s.  These are legitimately beautiful, convenient bags that go from day to night in an instant and are completely on-trend this fall.  In fact, Italian handbag artisans have been hard at work developing a vegan version of this uber popular bag, and now a 100% vegan belt bag is no longer a dream.  You can count on the same durability, color selection, and style as you would from a non-vegan belt bag, but this one comes without the high price tag of a sacrificed animal life.  

The great thing about a belt bag is the convenience and ability you have to keep everything you need on your body.  This is a great accessory for outdoor activities, festivals, concerts, theme parks and anywhere else you might find yourself exploring this fall.  You need a great way to keep your personal belongings safe without the hassle of carrying around a bag all day, and a belt bag can do the job for you with style.  

Vegan Leather Gloves

Hitting the runways this season were longer length gloves reminiscent of the style icons like Marilyn Monroe, and just like with Marilyn, we couldn’t get enough.  We love the long glove look, which can be perfect for crisp fall weather, but we don’t like the leather material.  Thankfully, we’ve been able to find numerous pairs of vegan longer length gloves that absolutely make us drool.

Our favorite pairs have “adjustable” lengths, which can be worn over the elbows or scrunched down to wrist length for a completely different look, making these gloves incredibly versatile and highly on-trend.  

If you’re concerned you won’t like the way these gloves feel pulled up high, you should know most vegan elbow length gloves are made with an elastic band top that is fashionable and functional; it helps your gloves stay where you want them no matter what length you decide to wear.  

You can look like a million bucks this fall without spending nearly as much and without harming any animals in the process.  Vegan accessories have come a long way since their cheaply made “pleather” ancestors.  If you’re looking for high-quality, Italian made vegan handbags and accessories, you won’t have to shop for long.  The demand for high-quality, handcrafted vegan accessories was heard and many designers now produce copycat versions of their most iconic bags in a vegan material.  These bags are exquisite in design and feature the same attention to detail and precision as the remainder of a designer’s collection, but focus on bringing this quality to people who prefer cruelty-free products.

This fall is a great time to update your wardrobe and add in a few vegan leather options.  Not only will they outlast the season, they’ll be great additions to this transitional season that you’ll probably end up using well into winter.  Buy your vegan accessories from a reputable distributor that you can trust is using 100% cruelty free practices to manufacture and craft their products.