You’re a guy that likes to be prepared, and that includes being seasonally prepared with the appropriate gear.  More often than not, being prepared for the season doesn’t take too much effort, unless you live extremely off-grid and need to catch and prepare your food for winter (in which case, we’re impressed you have a signal and are reading this article).  

Seasonal attire, for instance, is pretty basic; coats for winter; sandals for summer, but what about stylistic touches that aren’t so cut and dry?  Is it appropriate to wear bright colors in Fall?  Can you wear white after Labor Day, or is that only okay if you live in South Florida?  What about wristwear?  Is there a certain watch that lends itself to summertime?    

If you’re thinking, “What’s the issue, I wear the same watch year round,” there’s a big chance you’re missing out on some pretty incredible watches with functions built for hot summer months.  From solar powered timepieces to dive-rated watches that can handle being tossed around in the waves for a day, we’ve got seven of the best men’s watches you’ll want to check out this summer. 

The Solar Watch:  For the Environmentalist

Your concern for Mother Earth runs deep; you’re way beyond recycling; you’re planting trees and switching to a vegan diet to preserve the rainforests.  You need a watch that brings more to the table in terms of environmental awareness, and less in terms of excess and waste.  The solar watch is your summer accessory.  

With the ability to last up to six months on a full charge, you can absolutely partake in sustainable tourism, even if it leads you to sparsely populated Patagonia to truly hone your bushcrafting skills.  This watch won’t need a battery change.  

The addition of a 100% recycled cork wristband and stainless steel case make this timepiece a great choice for those searching for responsibly sourced products, and those wishing to create less of a footprint overall.  

The Diver Watch:  For the Watersports Junkie

As soon as the air changes mid-May, you’re already prepping for the summer solstice.  Not only is summer your favorite season, you practically live on the water.  Whether you’re surfing, boating, wakeboarding, or jet skiing, the water is your home for the next few months.  

Your active, fully submerged lifestyle requires a watch that can handle the sand and the sea.  The diving watch is crafted to be water resistant up to 300 meters, which means if you’re planning scuba, you can take this watch along with you.  The diving watch features a sharp, black dial, with super luminous markings so that it can maintain legibility even during the earliest dawn patrol surf sessions.  

A stainless steel case and sapphire crystal makes this watch practically indestructible, so no matter how many times you don’t land that Whirly Bird while wakeboarding, your watch will emerge from the water looking better than you do.  

The Nautical Watch:  What to Wear When Sailing with Your SO’s Parents

You’ve been dating your significant other for a few months and now it’s time to meet the fam.  What better method of initiation than a sailing trip on Daddy’s boat?  No need to worry if you have no idea what the terms tacking or gybing mean, you can still show up to the party lowkey prepared with a nautical watch.

Designed to emulate the relaxed yet fast-paced nature of sailing, the nautical watch is a classic timepiece with water resistance of up to 100 meters, and a black unidirectional bezel that completes its sporty look.  Even if you spend most of your time clinging to the side of the boat, your wristwear will give the illusion you know what you’re doing.  

A black Italian leather strap compliments the nautical watch perfectly, and available quick release pins mean you can use any other compatible wrist strap, making this watch especially versatile if it becomes soiled or if sailing leads to drinks at the country club later.

The Aviator:  For the Classic Watch Enthusiast

The true “OG” of wristwatches, the aviator was first designed for a pilot who was friends with a jeweler.  The pilot needed an alternative to a pocket watch; something he didn’t have to fish around for while operating an aircraft.  His jeweler friend developed a watch with a strap that could fit on his wrist, and viola, the first “big ass pilot watch” was born.  

Whether you ever find yourself operating an aircraft, the pilot’s watch is a classic timepiece.  If you’re a true watch enthusiast, the aviator is the watch to complete your summer style.  Anything but lowkey, the aviator has a case measure of 42mm and demands the attention you deserve while flexing your style.  The iconic ratcheted crown allows you to easily set the Japanese automatic movement in motion.  

Super luminous markings against a solid black backdrop allow the iconic arrow to be visible even in the dimmest lighting, so whether you’re on a red-eye back home from a weekend in Vegas, or up late for some Netflix and chill, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the time.  

The Field Watch:  For the True Minimalist

You don’t have a summer wardrobe that is separate from your winter wardrobe.  You have a capsule wardrobe that accommodates all seasons.  Your living space is outfitted with exactly five items that are both practical in form and function, and needed.  When you travel, there’s zero chance you’re getting slammed with a bag fee.  You’re a minimalist to the core, but even minimalists can benefit from a great timepiece.  

The field watch combines form and function with understated style.  The circular watch face maintains form and function with highly visible markings against a dark dial backdrop, and a thinner, optional cloth wrist strap makes this the perfect wrist watch for hunting, fishing, camping, and any other outdoor, “essentials only” sport.  

The field watch is also an excellent day to night watch.  It pairs perfectly with a suit and tie when outfitted with a leather strap.  It gives off an air of elegance and delivers the perfect amount of accessory for a dressy event; compared to a larger watch which can detract from a perfectly suited up look.  

The Racing Chronograph:  For the Car Enthusiast

The world of motorsports hinges on accurate timekeeping, and the racing chronograph delivers racing care-like precision and performance for those involved in racing, and for those who simply love the view from the sidelines.  

If you plan to spend time at the track this summer, or simply take a series of joyrides in your favorite four wheeled toy, the racing chronograph is for you.  Featuring a tachymeter scale that allows you to measure speed based on elapsed time, you can accurately call a race, measure speed, or simply wear an incredible eye-catching watch while you check out a car show.  

Sporty and rugged, the racing chrono makes watch-wearing stylish and functional.  Some racing chronographs are even water resistant up to 100 meters, making them perfect for summer use when the chance of getting wet by pool, ocean, or lake is more likely than in winter months.  

The Heritage Watch:  For the BBQ Junkie

You’re a traditionalist in every sense of the term.  You light pumpkin scented candles in the fall, order peppermint mochas in the winter, and drink cold beer in the summer.  Your wrist calls for a watch that is as classic and all-American as you are.  Heritage watches are classically elegant dress watches that are understated enough to be worn all summer long.  

Denoted by simplistic design that pays homage to classic watchmaking technique and style, the heritage is a true classic.  A slightly smaller watch case and simplistic strap design make this watch lightweight and comfortable enough for even the most finicky wrists.  

While summer style is almost always laid back, the ability to pair the heritage with a shirt and tie or jeans and a t-shirt make this watch incredibly versatile and one worth having for summer months when events can range from formal weddings to casual outdoor gatherings.  

Sometimes planning your style around the season is easy, but for “times” (pun intended) when it is not, a great style guide can help you figure out the best ways to put it all together.  Summer wrist wear is important because of the various functions of watches available, which can come in handy for guys who will be outdoors or in the water for the better part of the season.  

You can find these seven great watches available from reputable online retailers and in pricing options that fit any budget.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on an incredibly stylish, high-end watch.  Many small retailers offer exquisite attention to detail for a fraction of the price you’d pay in a jewelry store or from a boutique.  Your summer watch style shouldn’t cost you the vacation you were planning to take.  Stick to retailers you can trust to build the summer watch wardrobe you need.