The world of shampoo is massive.  Even browsing the shampoo aisle of your local grocery store can force you into the hard realization we’ve gone a little nuts with cleaning our locks.  We’ve also made some pretty insane promises about shampoo products that most can’t really provide.  The shampoo industry is a marketing field day, and we tend to buy the hype hook, line, and sinker.  For instance, if a company markets their shampoo as “all-natural” and features imagery on the bottle that consists of fruit, nuts, or something similar, we will likely assume the ingredients are derived from nature, it’s completely safe, and non-toxic.  In reality, that shampoo may only contain a very small percentage of “natural ingredients.”  

It doesn’t get much better when you visit your salon, either.  The prices skyrocket, and sometimes, the chemical content is even more severe.  Because your stylist is a professional and can make your hair do all but sit up and bark, you may be more inclined to buy shampoo from the salon, assuming you’ll get the same kind of results your stylist gets.  

The “shampoo hype” can be confusing, but we can help.  Here are the biggest things to look for when shopping for a bottle of shampoo:

When you’re ready to do some serious shampoo searching, we’ve got your back.  Here are three myths about shampoo that can help you separate the good from the bad.   

  1. Sulfates aren’t as bad as they seem.  Actually, you may be saying, “what are sulfates?”  We get it.  Sulfates are chemical components added to shampoo and cleansers to make them extra bubbly.  We all want that rich, overly lathered experience when washing our hair because we’ve been conditioned to think that more bubbles equates to a deeper clean.  This isn’t true.  Sulfates are harsh.  They can strip your locks of all their natural moisture and leave behind a scalp that is parched and ripe for dandruff.  Your locks get the worst of it; strands that are dry and brittle are primed for breakage, which can leave you with split ends and half a head of hair that is a different length from the rest.    There’s even been some linkage between sulfates and hair loss, so for us, any shampoo containing them is a hard pass.  
  1. I can’t use an activated charcoal shampoo if my hair is dry.  This is a myth.  Activated charcoal is a great detoxifying and cleansing agent, and as such, it’s a popular ingredient in many shampoos because of its ability to clean deeply and strip hair of other product buildup, like hairsprays, gels, and sculpting creams.  However, the myth has been that if your hair is dry you can’t use activated charcoal, and that’s not true.  A high quality activated charcoal shampoo will also include ingredients to help replenish hair and restore its natural moisture balance.  

Some of the best ingredients to look for with an activated charcoal shampoo are all-natural oils like jojoba and argan. These naturally rich, all natural oils can help restore balance to your hair, and can replenish moisture levels after your hair has been thoroughly cleansed and detoxed by activated charcoal.   

  1. Shampoo won’t stimulate hair growth.  Shampoo can stimulate hair growth.  As with our skin, when it’s covered with dead skin, the skin underneath isn’t going to grow as quickly and efficiently as it will when it’s clean.  Just like exfoliating your skin, which triggers the cells underneath to start producing new skin, hair follicles that are clean and free from dirt, oil, debris, and dead skin cells are triggered to work more efficiently than hair that is covered in a buildup.  

A great way to get your hair super clean and primed for growth is by using an activated charcoal shampoo.  These shampoos clean deeply, down to the root, so your hair follicles aren’t encumbered by dirt, oil, and product.  

Another great way to encourage hair growth is to “feed” your hair the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to work properly.  A great way to do this is by using anb activated charcoal shampoo with additional, fortifying and nourishing ingredients.  Look for ingredients like jojoba and/or argan oil, keratin, and aloe vera.  This blend of nourishing ingredients can help your hair follicles function more properly, as they will be well nourished and properly “fed.”   

The shampoo industry is ripe with misinformation and it can be hard to navigate the shampoo aisle and figure out which is the best formula for your follicles.  A great option for deep cleansing and superior hydration is an activated charcoal shampoo with hydrating ingredients.  These shampoos can detox and cleanse your hair deeply while delivering superior moisture and hydration to ensure your hair follicles are primed and ready for hair growth.  Always check the ingredients list of your favorite shampoos to make sure that you aren’t putting harmful chemicals on your hair.