What Can Cause Hair Loss?

Have you washed your hair in the shower and recognized strands of hair on the walls or the floor of the shower? This is called shedding and is normal. Well, it could be normal. It could also be something else…hair loss. And it is the type of hair loss that results in thinning or balding. […]

How Doctor Bags Became a Fashion Trend

Handbags have been depicted in images stemming from some of the earliest times recorded in history . This now stylish fashion trend, has been used to store much needed supplies, coins and other forms of currency, as well as food items. They may not look the way they do now but the need to carry […]

Best Rave Clothing to Try This Fall

So we’ve missed out on some awesome festivals this summer, but that’s no reason to allow our fall to be anything less than epic.  With loosened up restrictions and more ability to be out and about, we might even be able to have some fun for Halloween, even if that fun doesn’t include Freaky Deaky […]

Why You Should Wear a Long Sleeve Running Shirt

All seasons are bound to change. One thing that is for certain is, the need to cool off during exercise is not going to change based on which season it happens to be. Prioritizing comfortable gym attire is not something we are taught to put a lot of thought into. In high school, you probably […]

Changing Your Nails With the Seasons

When the time comes for the seasons to change, it almost feels like an invitation from the universe to change your style personality with it. In fall for instance, your wardrobe color palettes become more moody, the weather is more chilly, and a change in nail color is almost a prerequisite next to your pumpkin […]

Everything You Need to Know About At Home Cryo Facials

Your friends rave about their favorite cryotherapy spots and gush about how much better they feel after their cryo sessions.  You’ve seen cryotherapy and cryo facials on your favorite social media platforms, and every magazine cover at the store, but you really know nothing about what “cryo” actually is or what it can do.  Honestly, […]

6 Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

Whether or not you consider yourself a champion of the environment or are just looking for a better option for your performance wear, bamboo clothing is a great option.  Eco-friendly and sustainable, bamboo fabric is a textile that not only lends itself to fantastic performance-driven qualities naturally, it is also processed and manufactured by companies […]

4 Must Have Men’s Pants for Fall

Fall is officially here and that means cooler, temps, pumpkin everything, hoodies-you get the picture; all the iconic fall things we have just arrived on the scene and we’re all pretty stoked.  As many of us have been indoors for the better part of this entire year, fall looks like a promising opportunity to venture […]

Complete Guide to Festival Clothing

We’re just as bummed as you are that festivals are officially off the table for 2020, but we’re already pumped about next year’s scene.  Since 2020 was such a bust, 2021 is probably going to be orgasmic, and honestly, we can hardly wait.  So instead of sitting around crying about what we missed out on, […]

Complete Guide to Press-On Nails

When you were little you probably convinced your mom to buy you a package of press-on nails to try at home.  These nails, which usually came with some low-grade adhesive “stick-on” stickers that lasted about ten minutes or until you went outside to play.  Thankfully, there have been some serious upgrades to the press-on nail […]