Fall is officially here and that means cooler, temps, pumpkin everything, hoodies-you get the picture; all the iconic fall things we have just arrived on the scene and we’re all pretty stoked.  As many of us have been indoors for the better part of this entire year, fall looks like a promising opportunity to venture out and try to capture just a small portion of what life used to be like before the world fell apart.  As such, it’s definitely time to gear up and get ready.

In case you’ve forgotten, we wear actual clothes out there, so the queso-covered sweatpants you’ve been remotely working in for the last six months are probably not the best option for your reintroduction into society (especially if you have to actually go back in the office).  Thankfully, you’ve got some great options when it comes to men’s pants for fall, and yes, sweatpants (the kind that are acceptable in public) are definitely included.  

Here is our list of the top four must have men’s pants for fall. 

  1. Sweatpants that keep you looking fresh.  There are sweatpants, and then there are pants that are made like sweatpants and perform like sweatpants but look good enough to wear to the farmer’s market on Saturday.  These aren’t the cheap, big box store specials you grew up with that featured a drawstring waist and elastic ankles; these sweatpants are high quality, extremely comfortable, and versatile.  In fact, we bet your significant other won’t even notice if you wear them to brunch.  

For sweatpants to be this functional, they’ve got to be mid-weight fleece.  Mid-weight fleece allows you to remain comfortable while sailing through fall straight into winter. Look for slim cuts that allow you to retain more style than a standard fleece sweatpant, and polished details like side pockets and muted colors that don’t give away the fact you wear these pants everyday.  

These pants may perform like sweats but we assure you, if you’re catching an early flight you’ll still totally get the upgrade to first class if it’s available (and maybe score the flight attendant’s number).  

  1. Track pants that perform as hard as you (say) you do.  We know you’re crushing the game when you workout, or at least that’s what your gym selfies say.  You need a pair of pants that perform right along with you.  When it’s time to get off the couch and onto the trail, a great pair of track pants can give you the extra boost you need to finish the last mile.  

Look for pants that are lighter than pants but warmer than shorts.  If Goldilocks needed a pair of great men’s pants, these would be her go to because they’re just right.  Great track pants will have features like:

  1. Nicer pants, for when you have to act your age.   You need pants that can get you onto the greens without a major hassle, and these are those pants.  Don’t worry, they’re still completely comfortable and retain the feel and flexibility of your favorite pair of track or sweat pants, but with slightly more tailoring and pockets and belt loops that will have everyone fooled.  In order for your “nice pants” to work like they should, you need to look for:
  1. Pants that look and act like jeans, but are way less restrictive.  Honestly, jeans really aren’t that comfortable; they’re actually kind of restrictive.  Unfortunately, there are just some times when jeans are the best option, and for those times, you need pants that look like jeans but act like sweatpants.  These are those pants.  When searching for these seemingly mythical pants-creatures, fabric composition is key.  Look for quality fabrics that move with you instead of against you like bamboo, nylon, and spandex.  

Front and back pockets and more noticeable side seams give these pants more structure and a little heavier weight.  These pants are perfect for the end of fall when the weather is on the verge of dipping below 60 (brrr!).  

If you need to do something like go furniture shopping and hope to follow it up with a game of flag football, these pants can take you from A to B in style.  And if you ever end up going back into your office, you can completely wear these pants for your 9-5 and still stay comfortable while coaching your kid’s soccer team after hours.  These pants are completely multi-functional and versatile.

It’s been a long and strange year, but things are looking up, including your options for fall pants.  If your quarantine wardrobe is in need of updating, look for these pant styles to keep you looking fresh.  Fall is a great time to refresh your wardrobe and pick up a few extra pieces to keep you moving and looking great through winter and into spring.  High quality, comfortable fabrics are key to keeping comfortable and looking good.