If you’re still driving yourself crazy with that tube of sticky lash glue and the last thread of your patience, we understand.  We’ve totally been there.  Let’s face it, we all want fuller, thicker, more voluminous lashes, and until now the only way to get them was to grab that eye irritating glue and the flimsy lash strip, say a few prayers and hope for the best. This usually left us with half-glued on lash strips, or at best, lash strips that were glued on somewhere near our natural lash line but somehow traveled north or south during the course of our day.  

We now have new, upgraded, “other” ways to get the lashes of our dreams, but some of them come with some pretty scary side effects that leave us wondering if it’s really worth it.  Lash extensions cost a fortune, and the thought of sitting in a salon chair for hours on end while someone tediously super-glues individual lash fibers to our own tiny lashes makes us cringe.  Serums might work, but if they do it takes a long time for results to appear, and they may even discolor your eyes and/or eyelid.  No thanks. 

Thankfully, we don’t have to ride the glue-on lash struggle bus any longer and we definitely don’t have to use one of the above torture methods to get the lashes we want.  Magnetic eyelashes have made a huge splash in the beauty industry, and we haven’t been this excited since self- tanner. 

Magnetic eyelashes attach to your natural lash line with the use of an iron-oxide eyeliner and tiny magnets located on the back of the false eyelash band.  It’s completely mess free, stress free, and long-lasting.  If you’re looking for the easiest way to get natural looking, longer lashes, magnetic lashes are the way to go.  If you aren’t convinced magnetic lashes will really be “your thing,” we’ve got five reasons you need to give them a try right this second.  

  1. Magnetic eyelashes are mess free.  No more glue, that’s our mantra.  We’re so tired of the glue.  It doesn’t work, it gets all over, and what’s worse, sometimes it irritates our eyes.  We’d rather have our eyes water from the latest romcom than a cheap bottle of eyelash glue.  Instead of the glue and press on method, magnetic eyelash bands attach with tiny magnets.  Simply apply your iron oxide eyeliner just above your natural lash line, and allow it to dry.  Next, “click” your lash bands into place with the use of the tiny magnets attached to the back.  That’s it.  No mess.  No hassle.  Just gorgeous eyelashes that will stay put for hours without all the fuss.  

When it’s time to remove your lashes, the process is equally as clean.  You can literally pull the band off and put them away.  To remove the iron oxide eyeliner, you can use a pre-moistened swab that contains olive oil to gently rub off the remaining liner.  If you’re used to the mess left behind when using glue on lashes, this will be like a picnic.  Glue-on lashes can leave residue that requires makeup remover to get off.  The clumps of glue can also get stuck in your lashes, requiring scrubbing that could leave you with less natural lashes than you started with.

  1. Magnetic eyelashes are reusable.  Glue on lashes may say they’re reusable, but who are they kidding?  Most glue on lashes last for one to two wearings before the buildup of glue on the lash band makes them too heavy to wear or even reapply.  Try to remove the unwanted adhesive, and you’ll likely just end up ripping the lash band apart. 

Magnetic lashes can be worn over and over again.  Because there’s no glue, there’s never any gluey residue left on the lash band that can make them heavy. Once you remove them, simply store them in their packaging until you want to wear them next.  The magnetic and eyeliner system never leaves a mess, so there’s no build up on your lashes. 

Most magnetic lashes can be worn for weeks at a time, some brand able to last thirty days.  There’s simply no way a glue on lash can boast that kind of staying power.  

  1. Magnetic eyelashes stay put longer.  We’ve tested them.  These puppies sit and stay better than your Labrador.  You can wear magnetic lashes for longer periods of time than glue on lashes without the risk of a “lash incident” that sends you to the bathroom scrambling for the glue to reattach them.  Magnetic lashes are even safe to wear during arduous workouts.  The magnetic bond makes them stay in place longer than their glue on counterparts.  

While glue on lashes may last about six hours before they start to peel around the edge, you won’t experience any lash detaching with magnetic lashes.  As long as the iron oxide liner is in place, the magnetics will attach.  This means you can successfully wear magnetic lashes all day and all night.  

  1. Magnetic lashes are safer for your eyes.  Lash glue is a known eye irritant, but don’t trust us-just ask your eye doctor.  Even lash glue that is hypoallergenic can be dangerous or at the very least irritating to your eyes.  Lash glue can cause allergic reactions that make your eyes water, burn, and can blur your vision.  That’s not something anyone has time to deal with.  

Even if you aren’t sensitive to lash glue, the chances of getting some in your eyes during application of your lashes is pretty high.  If you get lash glue in your eye, you’ll likely have to start your makeup application process over again.  There’s no way you can splash that glue out of your eyes without ruining your previously applied eye makeup.  If this thought makes you cringe, we’re with you.  

Skip the sketchy glue and grab the iron oxide eyeliner.  This liner, available in liquid and gel form, is easy to apply and as safe and gentle on your eyes as any other eyeliner you normally use.  And if you are scared you won’t be able to apply the liquid liner like a professional, start out with the gel version, which can be applied with a wider brush, making it an easier option for those of us who don’t possess precision eyeliner skills.  

  1. Magnetic eyelashes are more cost effective.  If you’re spending your hard earned cash on new glue on falsies every couple of days, there’s definitely a better way.  Glue on lashes seem like a great value when they come with claims of reusability for weeks at a time, but the reality is many glue on lashes simply don’t last that long.  The buildup of glue, and cheaply made eyelash bands render them virtually useless after just a few uses.  This means that you’re spending more money than you have to on your eyelash maintenance.  Instead, opt for reusable lashes that actually are reusable for as many uses as they claim to be.  Magnetic lashes are an incredibly cost effective way to get the long, voluminous lashes you want.

Lash extensions can cost hundreds of dollars for an initial application and a couple hundred for each consecutive fill.  Eyelash growth serums aren’t much better, costing at least $100 for a bottle and needing replacement every few weeks.  Magnetic lashes cost dramatically less and last almost an entire month.  There’s no better way to get gorgeous lashes.

  1. Magnetic lashes are interchangeable.  When you commit to eyelash extensions, you really only get the style of lash you initially have placed.  This means that if you select a really dramatic style, you’ll be wearing that to work, school, and out to dinner.  Maybe you’re okay with that, or maybe you’d like the freedom to choose between different styles of lashes to fit your event, wardrobe, or mood.  

When you wear magnetic lashes, you can change your lash look from hour to hour if you so desire.  Simply snap your current pair off, and snap a new pair on.  No other kind of lash enhancement can boast the ability to go from day to night so quickly and effectively.  Using magnetic eyelashes means you control your eyelash look, and we definitely like being in the driver’s seat with our look.  

There’s zero need to be a slave to the glue tube any longer.  Magnetic lashes are cleaner, safer, deliver more bang for your buck, and stay put longer than any glue on we’ve ever tried.  If you’re ready to have the lashes you want without all the fuss, magnetic lashes are your new best friend.   

You can buy high quality magnetic eyelashes from reputable online retailers.  A great retailer will offer numerous styles, a great product guarantee, and the ability to use different shades and formats of iron oxide eyeliners.  Once you commit to a great magnetic eyelash company, you can build an eyelash wardrobe to carry you from season to season and from day to night.  Magnetic lashes are affordable, easy to use, mess free, and a great option for anyone who wants longer, fuller lashes without long-term commitment or frustration.