We’re just as bummed as you are that festivals are officially off the table for 2020, but we’re already pumped about next year’s scene.  Since 2020 was such a bust, 2021 is probably going to be orgasmic, and honestly, we can hardly wait.  So instead of sitting around crying about what we missed out on, we’re leveling up and looking ahead to the insanity 2021 is going to bring us.  

There’s no better way to plan ahead than by getting our festival clothing wardrobes ready.  Here’s your complete guide to festival clothing for 2021.

  1. Neon Everything.  Neon colors and ravers go together like kandi bracelets and PLUR packs.  That’s not changing anytime soon.  Bright, electric colors elevate the total sensory experience of your fellow ravers and help illuminate the crowd and bring a sense of excitement and joy.  A neon rave set is a great way to bring out the inner kandi kid that’s been trapped inside for nearly a year.
  1. Rainbows.  The bright colors in rainbow printed fabrics never go out of style with the rave scene.  Playful and flirty, rainbows are a great way to express peace, love, unity, and respect with everyone around you.  Don’t be limited simply by rainbow prints; there’s tons of rainbow themed harnesses, chest jewels, head pieces, and leg harnesses available that can add a pop of unexpected color to an all black bodysuit or miniskirt.
  1. All Black All Day.  We love color, but we’re also fiercely loyal to our spirit color.  All black getups will likely be insanely popular in 2021 as a representation of the death of our old way of living and the rebirth of a new era.  With so much to put behind us and so much progress to make, all black festival wear like mesh bodysuits, crop tops, and miniskirts will be on deck for practically every festival you attend.  
  1. Tie-Dye.  Quite literally the OG of festival wear, tie-dye is making a dramatic comeback and festival season 2021 will have ravers worldwide floating in seas of faded, trippy prints that would make our parents proud.  Complete tie-dye outfits like crop tops and bell bottoms pair beautifully with your favorite kandi-harness, or add a pop of peek-a-boo tie-dye under black mesh for playful fun that won’t go unnoticed.
  1. Costumes.  It’s not Megacon, but you know we are not strangers to a little cosplay.  Costumes will be a huge headliner in the rave fashion world in 2021, with some of the top looks being anything cowgirl/cowboy (think chaps, cow print, and plaid), cheerleader, mythical creatures (unicorns, centaurs, and the like), and animals (special themes of woodland creatures like bunnies and foxes).  When you wear a costume to a rave, you’re literally only limited by your imagination.  Unicorn kandi-kid with a mask that matches her thong?  Totally digging it. 
  1. Reflective Clothing.  It’s not just shiny, it’s safe!  Reflective clothing is so beautiful with evening concert lights flashing against it, and your look is even more dramatic if the reflective tone is colored.  Reflective designs against all black bodysuits will be fire in the winter and shiny reflections on harnesses and shoes will be most noticeable in the summer.
  1. Bondage/Bad Girl.  It’s a classic theme and it’s seriously never played out.  Barbed wire prints, chains and spikes, and of course, vegan leather in custom black cutout tops and bottoms will still make the fashion grade for festival wear this coming season.  Your festival clothing wardrobe is never complete without one seriously naughty outfit that would make a sailor blush.  If you want to try this look but feel a little shy, don’t worry.  You can add a little bondage to something sweet for a slightly softer look.  Think sweet and sassy cloud prints meet leather pants with chain leg wraps.  
  1. Creative Mask Wear.  2021 will likely still find us masking up as we continue to fight Covid-19, and honestly we’re way into it.  The festival clothing market has truly delivered on head to toe ensembles with matching masks that will keep you completely safe and geared up wherever you are.  From masks that transform the lower half of your face to another species to kandi-coated creations you can make at home, your mask will say a lot about you and give an instant impression to your rave-mates who won’t be able to see your face, so choose wisely.  
  1. Butterflies.  If you thought butterfly festival clothing peaked in 2018 think again.  EDC brought us tons of new trends including the sacred butterfly print, and it shows no signs of flying away just yet.  Look for translucent, ethereal pieces that capture the essence of a butterfly in flight, or on the nose butterfly fashion like attachable wings or a cape with a butterfly wing print. 
  1.  Candi-Pop Colors.  More popular toward the warm summer months but still completely acceptable in the winter, candi-pop colors like lavender, bubble gum pink, and lemon drop yellow will be on full demand.  Bright and playful, these colors speak love and kindness with a twist.  Look for wraps and miniskirt combinations, or twisted takes on schoolgirl uniforms.  No matter what, bright candi-pop colors will be a 2021 festival clothing must-have. 

We know it’s hard but don’t be down about the way this year has panned out.  Next year will be the start of a raver revolution, we can feel it, and we’re so prepared and pumped.  We cannot wait to see you all at the next big festival.  We’re scanning the web and talking to friends to find out just which festivals will happen first and we’re already planning our trips.  Part of planning (maybe the biggest part) is planning for festival clothing.  Don’t show up unprepared, make sure your festival wear is the loudest and best.  Seriously, now is the time to outdo yourself.  

Festival wear is taking some new turns and also bringing with it some old trends that never get old.  You’re going to look absolutely mindblowing this coming season and we can’t wait to see what trends you put together.