When you were little you probably convinced your mom to buy you a package of press-on nails to try at home.  These nails, which usually came with some low-grade adhesive “stick-on” stickers that lasted about ten minutes or until you went outside to play.  Thankfully, there have been some serious upgrades to the press-on nail game.  Today’s press-on nails use glue styled adhesives that bond to your natural nail for a firm grip that lasts without damaging your natural nail underneath.  Additionally, today’s press-on nails bear a striking resemblance to salon-grade acrylics, making them a better option for those of us who would prefer to do our own nails at home.  

If you’re ready to take the plunge and switch up your nail game, we’ve got your complete guide to high-quality, amazing, press-on nails.  

Should I Break Up With the Nail Salon?

Salon quality nails are gorgeous and make us feel like a million bucks.  Unfortunately, there are some serious drawbacks with keeping your nails covered in acrylics.  

If these reasons have you reconsidering hitting the salon week after week, we’re with you.  We made the switch to press-on nails and have no plans of going back.  Press-on nails are high quality, look just as great as acrylic salon nails, don’t damage your natural nails underneath, and cost a fraction of the price.  Additionally, you won’t have to worry about getting an infection from salon tools that have been used on numerous other people’s digits!  

If you’re worried you won’t be able to get them right; that the application process of at home press-on nails will be too hard, don’t worry.  You can definitely apply press-on nails at home with no experience needed.  The entire process is simple, clean, pain free, and not harmful to your natural nails.   

Here’s everything you need to know about press-on nails.  

Press-On Nails:  Are They Safe?

Just because you love the look of salon acrylics doesn’t mean you want to completely give up on your underlying nails.  In fact, you still want to retain the overall health of your natural nail while you sport your falsies.  You can’t do that with salon applied acrylics.  

Salon acrylics dig deep into your nail bed causing divots and dents that will have to grow out to be eliminated.  This is why your nail looks like it contains ditches when you have the acrylics removed, or when they pop off unexpectedly.  Salon nails also leave your natural nail incredibly thin and weak, so you’ll likely have to keep your natural nails trimmed very short when your acrylics have been removed, otherwise they will peel and break.  

The biggest complaint you’ll ever experience once you’ve removed a press-on nail is a little dryness underneath.  Press-on nail glue has ingredients to help keep your press-on nail attached that can sometimes be drying to your natural nail, but if you apply a great cuticle oil to your nail after removal, this should clear up almost immediately.  

Temporary nails are also animal friendly and generally cruelty free; made from products that are also environmentally friendly and sometimes even recycled.  Not all your favorite press-on brands will hold themselves to these high standards though, so it’s important to research and make sure your favorite company is safe for all involved.  

Do Press-On Nails Hurt?

The short answer is absolutely not.  Some parts of the acrylic nail process (specifically the removal process) can be painful.  This isn’t something we really want to deal with!  The application of press-on nails is super simple and completely pain free.  The process of applying a press-on nail is very simple.  Starting with a clean, dry nail, you’ll want to use a nail to “rough up” the surface of your natural nail.  This allows the glue to adhere to your nail properly.  

You’ll then apply a small amount of press-on glue to your nail, right in the middle.  You only need a very small drop of glue as it will spread out once you apply the press-on nail.  You need to also apply a small dot on the back of the press-on nail.  Then, you will carefully place the press-on nail onto your natural nail and keep it held in place for thirty to sixty seconds.  Voila!  You’re done!  

How to Remove Press-On Nails

Removing your press-on nails is just as easy and painless as applying them, and the process is nothing like you’ve experienced if you’ve ever tried to remove acrylic salon nails at home.  The process is really simple and involves simply soaking your nails in warm, soapy water for about fifteen minutes.  Once they’ve soaked, your nails should be loose enough to wiggle right off of your natural nail.  A little non-acetone polish remover and any remaining glue should come off as well.  

Press-on nails are a great alternative to salon applied acrylic nails.  They are safer for your natural nails, easier, mess free and completely painless.