Your friends rave about their favorite cryotherapy spots and gush about how much better they feel after their cryo sessions.  You’ve seen cryotherapy and cryo facials on your favorite social media platforms, and every magazine cover at the store, but you really know nothing about what “cryo” actually is or what it can do.  Honestly, it kind of sounds like something you do if you want to bypass the next 150 years and wake up in a new generation ala Captain America.  No worries, love, we have everything you need to know about cryo facials, what they are, what they do, and how you can do them right in the comfort of your own home, without visiting an ice chamber or science lab.  

What Are Cryo Facials?

Cryotherapy is simply a type of therapy that uses extremely low temperatures to treat certain conditions.  When cryotherapy technology is used for your skin, it refers to either liquid nitrogen blasts against the skin to bring the skin’s temperature lower than it is naturally, or the use of another method of skin cooling which will bring about the same effect.  

Due to the popularity of cryo facials, they’ve become incredibly expensive.  You can expect to pay anywhere between $50-$140 for a single treatment, and it is typically recommended that you get another cryo facial every three to five weeks to maintain the results.  You’ll also need to consider gratuity for the service provider into the cost, which is traditionally 20% of the total cost of the service.  In addition to cost, the time it takes to get a cryo facial at a salon will be between 15-20 minutes.  

During a typical cryo facial, your skin will be cleansed and dried.  Then, liquid nitrogen will be blasted against your skin for a few minutes.  After your treatment, you will be slathered in serums and sent on your way.

What Are the Benefits of Cryo Facials?

Cryo facials are a great way to get healthy skin benefits without the use of chemicals and peels.  Especially when performed at home (without the use of liquid nitrogen), the benefits are surprisingly quantifiable.  

At-home cryo facials use specialized, stainless steel rollers that are chilled in your freezer, and then rolled on the skin in a circular motion.  You will also roll the edges of your face, like your temples, and your neck and lymph node areas to encourage lymphatic drainage.  

Some of the benefits of cryo facials may impress you.  Cryo facials can:

Cryo facials are a safe, all-natural way to benefit your skin and help improve overall skin health and function without a lot of monetary investment.  You can get the same great results that a professional salon cryo facial will benefit you by simply using a cryo facial roller at home.  Cryo facials help reduce the signs of aging, eliminate toxin buildup, and tighten your skin, which can give your skin a healthier glow.