Also known as reduction mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the size of breasts by removing fat, tissue, and skin from the areas. Bigger breasts are not always better, nor more beautiful. 

Breast reduction surgery is mainly done to relieve the physical symptoms that go along with large breasts, such as back and neck pain, sore shoulders, and more. Not only can large breasts be uncomfortable, but they can be highly inconvenient as well. If breast size is affecting the quality of day to day life, breast reduction surgery should definitely be considered. 

On top of physical relief, there are other benefits to be had as well. Breasts are often not only reduced, but also reshaped. Clients can choose to have other corrective work done at the same time, such as altering shape and firmness. The size and shape of nipples can also be altered at clients’ request. 

A change in breast size and shape will also affect the woman’s entire silhouette. Smaller breasts may help a woman achieve a more balanced physique with more suitable ratios in regard to the rest of her body. 

Aside from physical changes, reducing breast size can have a massive impact on a woman’s confidence. “Too big” or “too small” can be subjective, what matters is how the individual feels. If a woman will feel happier and more comfortable with smaller breasts, then all the power to her. 

Whatever the reason for choosing to have breast reduction surgery, we salute you. It can be a long process and you should be supported every step of the way. While you’ve already done the hard part, we want to help you with the last stretch of the race. 

The Recovery

For the days following your surgery, your breasts will likely feel tender and sensitive to touch. They may also be swollen and slightly bruised when it’s time for the bandages to be removed. Fear not, within a few weeks all swelling and bruises should be gone and all you’ll be left with is your brand-new set of ladies. 

Wearing an elastic compression bar is highly recommended to help support and protect the breasts after surgery. We know this may not make you feel very sexy, but hang in there, it’s only temporary and it will help your breasts feel better post-operation. 

During the next few weeks, physical activity should be limited in order to allow the breasts to heal. Light exercise, like walking, will be good for you and is recommended. Start out with short and relaxed walks and add on a little more each day. Intense activity, like sports or heavy lifting, should be avoided.

Let’s Talk About Scarring

Scarring is practically inevitable after any breast reduction surgery. Scars will vary in color, size, and how long they stay for, but there are things you can do that will help speed up the healing process. 

Before we get into it, let’s just clarify that there is absolutely nothing wrong with scars, no matter what they come from. We’re not saying getting rid of scars is something you should or need to care about doing, but we know that it does create a slight insecurity for several women. If scarring is not something you’re worried about, many of the pointers in this list are still good things to follow that will benefit your overall health. 

Wear a supportive bra. Yes, that ugly, granny-like, post-operation bra that you were given, we’re talking about that. We know it may not be the most flattering or visually appealing piece of undergarment, but that’s not the point. The support bra will help hold your breasts in place which will mean less pressure on the scars. Less pressure means less stretching and more rest time for them to heal themselves. Think of wearing the bra as a longer run investment. And for now, starting online shopping for a kick-ass bra that will fit your new rack and look 10x better. 

Avoid smoking. Smoking slows down your blood flow which means less oxygen is being pumped through your skin. Oxygen is crucial for helping wounds heal. Less oxygen flowing through your skin means that scars will take longer to recover and may not recover as well as they would otherwise. 

Eat healthy, whole foods. Having a well-balanced diet will supply your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to create strong new tissue. This strong new tissue is what will be forming over your new breasts and replacing the scars, so eat your veggies! It’s also a good idea to limit your sodium intake following the surgery – high amounts of sodium can cause your body to hold onto excess water which may increase the swelling in your breasts. Increased swelling will further strain the scars, which we definitely don’t want. 

Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water promotes the elasticity of your skin. Constant sipping is the best way to maintain steady hydration and can help reduce swelling as well. 

Avoid direct sunlight. Unless you’re a regular at the topless beach, this is probably an easy thing to do. Because scar tissue is more sensitive, it’s also less resistant to UV rays from the sun. UV rays can make scars appear darker and hinder their ability to fade over time. Until your scars are completely healed, it will help to stay out of the sun. (But after they’ve healed? Go right ahead and take your new ladies for a spin at the beach). 

Use a cream. Don’t be shy about using scar cream – men and women of all ages use scar cream for a number of reasons. Silicone creams are a great option because they promote hydration and flexibility for the skin. Silicone treatments usually come in sheets that are meant to be cut down to fit the size and shape of your scar. Silicone sheets are widely acknowledged for improving both the coloring and texture of scars. 

Avoid big fluctuations in your body weight. Gaining or losing a considerable amount of weight will affect the skin around your breasts. Prevent sagging or stretching of the skin by maintaining a healthy and steady weight. 

Finally, be sure to follow your doctor’s specific instructions for post-surgery care. Your doctor knows best and they’re on your team. Following instructions will help you feel better, faster, and will also help your new breasts fully recover and be ready to rock and roll. 

Looking Your Best 

There’s no denying that there’s a link between feeling good and looking good. Whether you think one comes before the other, or the other way around, they definitely go hand in hand. The one thing that’s for sure is that you’ll look your best because you’ll be feeling a heck of a lot better. Beauty really does start on the inside. 

Let’s start with feeling good. Well, you just got your breast reduction surgery. Your neck, back, and shoulders are probably feeling much better and lighter. You’re probably not missing the chronic pain and aches that you used to experience. And you’re probably more excited about physical activity and exercise too. When you feel good on the inside, it’s hard for that happiness not to be seen beaming through the outside. You’re probably rocking a glow from the inside out right now. 

There’s no shame in having breast reduction surgery. Don’t let anyone tell you that bigger breasts are better, or anything else ridiculous like that. You know yourself best and if this was the right call for you, it’s exactly that. 

Now, this is the really exciting stuff; looking good. You probably love your new set of girls. We hope they’re as cute, bouncy, and practical as you hoped they’d be – you deserve it! 

After surgery, your body is different than it was before. The styles of clothing that worked on your old body may no longer be as well suited for your new body. Breast reduction surgery doesn’t just affect your breasts, it will affect your entire body’s silhouette as well. Your new shape may require a new wardrobe. 

Go out and get yourself some new clothes! Not only will you probably need them to fit your new body, but it’s also a nice treat for yourself after your recovery period. 

You may find that shirts will be fitting you better now. With smaller breasts, you’ll be able to get smaller shirts that won’t be over sized around your torso. Experiment with different styles of tops like tube tops, crop tops, and form hugging shirts to find what you feel best in. 

The Truth and the Takeaway

The truth is that we can’t really tell you how to look your best after breast reduction surgery. Looking good starts with feeling good, and you’re probably feeling a hundred times better with your new, more comfortable sized breasts. 

Allow yourself the time to fully recover and let your body heal. Take care of your new breasts by following the appropriate aftercare. Get used to your new set of ladies by getting familiar with them. Try out new clothing that will make you feel confident and sexy. 

Rest, recover, then get out there and rock and roll.