Us girls do a lot when it comes to getting all done up. Waxing, tweezing, picking, and painting, you name it, we do it. It’s no walk in the park and applying false lashes is no exception. The art of false lashes (and it definitely is an art) is for sure one of the harder things to master, but is also definitely way worth it. Whether you want to really play them up or just enhance your natural look, there’s a set of false lashes out there that are perfect for you. 

False lashes bring your lash game to a whole new level of glamorous – your mascara should be scared. 

They can seem intimidating at first, especially for newcomers of the makeup world. But that’s why we’re here, to help a gal out! We’re going to take you through false lashes 101 and by the end of this, you’ll be headed out the door to get yourself your next (or maybe first!) set. 

Let’s pump up the fun and get those lashes looking as fluttery and flirtatious as ever. 

Choosing: Clusters or Strips?

First things first, choosing the right false lashes for you. There are two main kinds: clusters and strips. 


Clusters or “individual lashes” are false lashes that come in smaller pieces, usually 3-5 lashes in a cluster. Clusters are great if you want to amplify only a certain area of the eye. Working with smaller pieces gives you more control of the final look and allows you to customize to best suit your eye shape and personal style (“level of drama,” if you will). 

If you’re aiming for a look that errs on the more natural side, clusters are probably for you. They are also great for filling in any gaps your lashes may have. When applied correctly, they can blend in with the rest of your lases perfectly and be worn as an everyday look. 


When people talk about false lashes, strips are usually what they’re referring to. Strips come in, you guessed it, strips, that are the length of your entire top lash line. Strips can be trimmed in length to suit different eye shapes and sizes. 

If you’re looking to add drama and volume to your makeup look, strip lashes are your new best friend. 


Before applying false lashes, it’s best to curl your natural lashes so they blend in more smoothly. Most false lashes have a curve to them, so adding a slight curve to your own will help them work together harmoniously. 

Another tip for the wise: lash application should be done after you’ve applied the rest of your makeup, including the eye makeup! You can still use your favorite eyeliner, just make sure it’s dried or settled before getting started with the falsies. Do not apply mascara because this will stiffen your lashes and make it difficult for them to blend in with the false lashes. 

To remove the lashes from the box, pinch a little bit of the edge and pull it out gently. The next thing to do is make sure the strip will fit your eye line; place it on top of your lashes and see how much extra there is to trim off. If you need to trim it down a bit, cut the false lashes from the outer exterior of the lash. Always make small trims and then keep going if necessary – it would be a shame to trim it down too much and have the strip go to waste. 

Next, we’re going to apply the lash glue. Squeeze gently so a small amount comes out and then drag the glue along the band with the tip of the glue bottle. Make sure the outer and inner corners are well covered because these are the areas that are most prone to lifting off throughout the day. We now wait about 15-20 seconds for the glue to dry and get tacky. If you put the lash on right away, it will slip and slide right off. 

The easiest way to apply false lashes is with a tool like tweezers. Use the tweezers to pinch onto the lash in the middle of the strip. Get close to the mirror and look downwards so it’s easier to see your lash line. Do one last check to make sure the lash length is evenly aligned and then start by sticking on the center of the lash. Try to snuggle it up as close to your natural lashes as possible. Once the center is sticking on, move to the inner corner and place the lash as close to the lash line as you can, then repeat for the outer corner. 

There you have it! Feel free to use your fingers to press the false lashes and your natural lashes together to help them blend in with each other. 

Your new lashes should feel soft and comfortable. If they’ve been applied correctly, you shouldn’t be able to feel them once they’ve been on for a few minutes. If they get in the way of your vision or feel heavy, you may not be wearing the right type for your eye shape or they may need to be re-applied. 

Wearing false lashes should be nothing but a smooth experience. Don’t worry, no one does it perfectly their first time. Practice makes perfect. 


Now you’re home and it’s time to take your lashes off. Your phone is blowing up with messages from all the new admirers that your gorgeous and extra fluttery doe-eyes just attracted – but put them on hold for now. 

It is possible to fall asleep with false lashes on, but it’s not recommended. Even if they make it through the night without falling off, they won’t look very good in the morning and they will probably be disfigured, meaning they can’t be reused. There is also a risk of contracting an eye infection, but this is much less common than people led on. If you accidentally fall asleep or had one too many drinks, don’t sweat it – it’s not the end of the world.

Removing lashes should be done before the rest of your makeup removal routine. It should also involve more than just ripping them off while you’re in the Uber or lying in bed. 

Grab onto the center of the strip as close to the band as possible and gentle tug the lashes. As the band begins to come off, start working on the corners. Always pull outwards (away from your body), never across (side to side). 

That wasn’t too hard, right? Now avoid leaving your lashes on the counter or near the sink. Place them back in their packaging to keep them clean for next time. Some false lashes are single-time use, in which case, simply discard. 

Now carry on with the rest of your nighttime routine (never forgetting to moisturize, of course). 

Care Tips for Your False Lashes 

Now that you’ve fallen in love with false lashes and will definitely be incorporating them into your makeup look more often, here’s how to take care of them.

Store them properly. Not on the bathroom counter, or near the sink, or at the bottom of your purse. Store your false lashes in the packaging them came in. This will keep them as clean as possible and prevent them from gathering dust or losing their shape. 

Remove any remaining glue after removal. Once you’ve taken them off, remove any remaining glue from the band. Any residue left behind will harden and make for an uneven surface the next time you go to use them. 

Keep them clean. While not completely necessary, some people like to clean their lashes between wears – hey, it can’t hurt. Fill a small bowl with warm water and a little bit of soap or makeup remover. Submerge the lashes and gently rub them to help dissolve mascara, eyeliner, or anything else that they may have grabbed onto. 

Dry before storage. If you’ve cleaned them or they’re wet for whatever reason, let them dry on top of the packing before you store them away. An enclosed damp environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria – yuck. 

Reusing? If your false lashes are reusable, make sure you read their specific instructions to see how many times they can be worn. Wearing them more times than they are intended for will just diminish their fluffiness and perfectness. No sub-par lashes allowed.

Have fun with them! There are so many types of false lashes that come in different lengths, thicknesses, and colors. Once you get comfortable wearing them, have fun with it and change it up sometimes! You can build up a collection that will suit every mood, need, and occasion. They can be big and bold for nights out, light and natural for everyday looks, and spunky for fun events like Halloween. 

Look and Feel like a Princess with False Lashes

False lashes are an amazing way to draw attention to your already beautiful eyes. Enhance your natural look or take it to a whole new level, it’s up to you!

Sometimes mascara just doesn’t cut it. But lash lifts or extensions are expensive and take time. Also, they can’t be done from the comfort of your very own home. Not to mention the landscape of the world these days… is being all up close and personal with an aesthetician (whose been up close and personal with 10 other clients today) really something you need right now? Nope, especially not with your new knowledge and skillset for false lashes. 

False lashes can help you look and feel like a princess, all it takes is a little practice.