So we’ve missed out on some awesome festivals this summer, but that’s no reason to allow our fall to be anything less than epic.  With loosened up restrictions and more ability to be out and about, we might even be able to have some fun for Halloween, even if that fun doesn’t include Freaky Deaky (stay tuned for FD in 2021).  

Since we missed the window of opportunity for summer festival wear, it’s time to focus on all things Halloween related and that means digging into a little cosplay.  If you have a rave or a party to go to, chances are it may be your first in a few months, so it definitely has to be epic from start to finish.  

If your festival clothing budget is a little embarrassing, and let’s face it-none of us have been working as much since March-we can help.  Even though you’re ballin’ on a budget you can still get a ghoulishly good costume that is 100% rave worthy.  Halloween rave clothing that goes from house rave to festival ready in no time is the order of the year, since plans for 2020 change lightning fast.  

To make sure you know your options, we put together our favorite Halloween rave clothing pieces in this little guide.  When you’re ready to drop it like it’s hot this fall, these are the costumes to do it in.

  1. Angels and demons.  We love to dress up like next-life royalty and there’s no better way than to go for sweet, innocent angels or saucy little demons.  You can decide how extreme to go, but look for pieces with feathered wings to draw attention and create dramatic looks.  Whether you’re going for a heavenly halo or a complete loss of innocence, you can’t go wrong with these ethereal costumes.
  1. Cheerleaders.  They seriously never go out of style, but cheerleader costumes have evolved into spicy Halloween rave costumes that will make even the nerdiest nerd want to herky.  These cheerleader costumes aren’t for the JV squad and we’re pretty sure they won’t pass dress code.  Instead of sporting your high school mascot, look for outfits with festival themed words and icons.  Raver, techno PLUR, kandi krush, whatever kind of raver you are, there’s a team for you.
  1. Skeletons.  Channel your inner self (literally) and go for a skeleton themed look for this year’s Halloween rave scene.  Consider going part skeleton part flesh with an outfit that only shows bones on one half of your body.  Bonus points if you can find skeleton clothes that glow in the dark.  Check out skeleton pieces that add just a little bones to your skin, like a top or a pair of leggings.  Paired with a solid black top or bottom that can be just enough to create freakishly good vibes for Halloween.
  1. Mythical creatures.  Nothing says rave wear more than magical unicorns and fire-breathing dragons.  Halloween is the perfect time to play make-believe with costumes that inspire creatures of lands far, far away.  Look for unicorns with ethereal  wings and dragon costumes with long, spiky tails.  You can take this look as far as your money will allow, and if you’re lower than low on funds, create your own with simplistic pieces of clothing and accessory overload.  Horns, tails, wings, etc. are inexpensive but dramatic and can give you the look of a high dollar costume on a ramen budget.
  1. Cowgirl.  Although the Houston Raceway won’t be filled with 100,000 of your favorite freaks this Halloween, you can still pretend to be a cowgirl.  Cowgirl/cowboy costumes are all the rage for ravers, and a great costume will have everyone around you feeling giddy.  These cowgirl costumes aren’t made for wrangling cows or men, but they’ll definitely keep you in view of all the local yocals.  Keep your accessories on point with boots, a hat, and a bandana mask.
  1. Aliens.  When it’s time to get weird, an alien costume will take you there fast.  Nothing screams raver like alien-wear and the best gear can make you look and feel like you’re in outer space.  Even if you don’t have the cash for a specific alien costume, you can totally recycle green neon rave wear from last season into a Halloween alien themed look.  Add an alien-eye headband from a dollar store and some bright fishnets and you’re set for a look that is out of this world.
  1. Tie-dye superfly.  Go hippie with tie-dye and reinvent the Woodstock look.  Not only can you find amazing rave-specific tie-dye Halloween costumes, you can also make one on the cheap.  The tie-dye process is inexpensive and practically impossible to mess up.  If you’re not feeling crafty, check out cotton-candy colored tie-dye prints in sweet cutout tops with matching high-waist bottoms.  You’ll be the eye-candy everyone is looking to the entire night.
  1. Psychedelic Swagger.  Trippy 70’s inspired prints are huge right now, and Halloween is a great time to try them out as part of a costume.  If you’re down to groove, get in the mood with mod prints and bell sleeve crop tops with matching high waisted thong bottoms.  These aren’t your grandma’s homecoming outfits; these peace, love, and flower power outfits take a new twist on the classic hippy vibe.
  1. Bad, bad babydoll.  You’re nobody’s baby, but you don’t mind dressing like one.  Baby doll dress up is always in style and you can get the look you love most by focusing on nursery school colors with delicate designs.  
  1. Astrobabe.  You may have been brace-face-from-outer-space as a kid but you’ve grown up and it’s time to show off.  Show your support for the now defunct space program by showing up in a NASA inspired look that will inspire even the most down to earth among you to reach for the stars.  

Halloween rave clothing is going to be fire this year, and we can’t wait to get back in action with our best costumes.  Even if you’re on a budget or not planning to go anywhere huge, you can still dress up and get out in the best looking outfits available.