Handbags have been depicted in images stemming from some of the earliest times recorded in history . This now stylish fashion trend, has been used to store much needed supplies, coins and other forms of currency, as well as food items. They may not look the way they do now but the need to carry belongings around in a purposeful manner has never been something that has gone out of style. Handbags have been made out of leather, netting, fabric, and silk just to name a few of the materials they were found to me created from. 

What started out as an accessory of a man or born out of sheer necessity has evolved into a piece of fashion history. In the 19th century travel became more popular. Handbags took on a new meaning when travel came into play and handbags evolved into luggage. As times changed and women became a part  of the workforce bags became in high demand. Large handbags often became a signature accessory for working women. 

How Handbags Became a Fashion Trend

In the early 19th century bags started to become a fashion statement. With the accessibility of more materials available, the modern day handbag was born. The “it” accessory for females in the upper class was a beautifully adorned clutch or satchel. What was once an item born of necessity and purpose, quickly became an item starting a trend and a symbol of status. 

With the end of a World War, came the desire to put the dark days behind. The desire for all things beautiful and admiration worthy emerged and fashion took the world by storm. The divide in gender was clear in the 1950s. Women’s fashion prioritized organization, neatness and femininity. Accessories that were perfectly matched to your attire was a must of this time period. With fashion icons like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, the popularity and necessity of the handbag as the perfect complementary  accessory was solidified. 

As the decades progressed and women were able to express more freedom in fashion, handbags ranged  all the way from chainmail to buttery leather. Handbags could be across your body, the tiniest clutch, have large or thin straps. They can be decorated in just about any color, texture or adornment you can imagine. 

As the role of the woman in society has evolved, the necessity for a handbag has evolved right along with it. When you start out as a child playing dress up your handbag holds toys, crayons, maybe even a snack. Even at a young age, children at play can see how practical and necessary a handbag can be to carry and organize beloved items. 

The Doctor Bag

In the beginning, the contents of a doctor’s bag were items shrouded in mystery and thought to have supernatural powers. Shaman and witch doctors were known to carry stones, fur, feathers and many other items that you would not think of in the bag of a typical practicing physician. During a time in which doctors frequently had to make house calls, they required a way to be efficient and organized on a moment’s notice. What started as a chest of sorts, evolved to a leather bag with an opening wide enough to fit essential tools of a practicing doctor. 

In the 20th century the need for such bags for the purpose of practicing medicine dwindled. Hospitals and doctors offices became the primary place of care for those that were in need of a physician. With the modernization of medicine came the opportunity for this bag to be repurposed to the iconic fashion trend we now know it to be. 

This new version is universally flattering and can be used by any person that is in need of a sturdy dependable bag. This bag has the ability to make a statement and also convey a vintage and timeless style. It can be huge and carried as a luxury luggage item, it can be tiny and carry the most essential bare minimum. One of the best things about this bag is you can throw anything in it and be done. 

The versatility of this piece of fashion history has every trendsetter across the globe lining up to purchase as a staple in their closet. It wears well with any outfit, it comes in every size or color, it can be ultra feminine or extremely masculine. For men, it can add a level of sophistication to their style they didn’t even realize they were missing. The doctor bag can be for the gym, travel, play or work. 

The Handbag Trend You Are Missing From Your Closet

A way to organize your belongings is a matter of functionality that will never lose style. We have all gone through our phase of purchasing handbags that don’t serve a real practical purpose. The kind of bags we buy on a whim that serve little purpose but to look cute dangling from our arms. After we make those purchases we can’t seem to figure out where everything might be placed in such a cutesy, teeny tiny compartment.  It then dawns on us that we need quality over quantity. 

The doctors bag has you covered when it comes to a classic bag worthy of your investment. You can choose to add a pop of color, a small carry all or a large anything goes doctor bag and will be envy worthy of the most high end celebrity fashionista. The best part is that this sophisticated accessory has your back when it comes to its ability to hold anything you hold dear.  

Here are some of the benefits to making the investment in your own doctors bag:

Handbags have evolved from a necessity to something that is an expression of your own personal style. There are a variety of handbag styles to choose from. If you’re looking for a handbag that will never go out of style, the doctors bag should be on your list.