All seasons are bound to change. One thing that is for certain is, the need to cool off during exercise is not going to change based on which season it happens to be. Prioritizing comfortable gym attire is not something we are taught to put a lot of thought into. In high school, you probably grabbed the only pair of gym shorts in your closet, the closest t-shirt, the shoes you wore every day and headed out to your daily run in physical education class. 

Your biggest concern would have likely been your stick of deodorant and if the “it” guy or girl was going to notice you get hit square in the face during dodgeball. As an adult, you may have been a little more calculated when you have selected gym attire but I think we have all been guilty of thinking of quantity over actual quality. You probably put more effort into your morning coffee order than researching how the right fabrics or brands can change your comfort game in the world of exercising. 

Here are just a few reasons as to why that should change:

  1. Support-you need the proper support while running or during any type of exercise for that matter. It could be an ill fitting sports bra that keeps you from wanting to increase your speed on the treadmill. It could be that your gym shorts are too tight to allow you to comfortably achieve the yoga pose you’ve been too embarrassed to try. It is imperative to have the proper support on your feet and your body in order to achieve the most out of your physical exercise. 
  1. Protection From the Elements- Depending on where you live, climate has a huge impact on our desire to workout. It is just as important to protect yourself from the sun in the winter as it is in the summer. If you find the right combination of clothing that can keep you dry, keep you cool and feels comfortable to wear all year round, that is a huge win. A versatile, lightweight long sleeve running shirt is a really great option for the protection you need at any time of the year. 
  1. Confidence Boost- Feeling good about the way you look is definitely going to give you motivation. A lot of effort is put into how we look at work, or to go on a date. You owe yourself the same attention to detail for when you’re taking care of your body. 
  1. Safety-Clothes that do not fit properly can get caught in equipment and cause serious injury. Tight clothing can restrict the movement necessary to complete your activities. 

If you would want to be comfortable resting at home watching Netflix, why wouldn’t you want to offer yourself the same comfort during physical activity?

Why Do You Need Sun Protection All Year?

Clothing is really our first line of defense when it comes to any of the elements. We have been taught to protect our skin but we forget that a physical barrier to the sun’s harmful rays is a great way to do just that. Clothing is a relatively inexpensive way to ensure we are doing everything in our power to create a layer between us and harmful ultraviolet rays. It is easy to think of wearing a long sleeve shirt during the winter but there are just as many benefits to do so year round. Regardless of the time of year, sun protection is a necessity all year round. 

Top reasons for sun protection all year:

You want to select a fabric that can check all your boxes when it comes to protection throughout the year. Bamboo is a fabric that can do just that. The pulp of Bamboo creates an absorbent, extremely soft, lightweight, odor repellent fabric that is also a natural sun protectant. This is a must add to your gear for all weather running and activities.

Bamboo Fabric

When you’re thinking about wearing a long sleeve shirt all year, you want the most breathable and lightweight fabric you can find. Clothing that is environmentally friendly is also a huge added bonus. You can find all of these features in Bamboo fabric. Its ability to add natural sun protection and for it to repel odor are two additional benefits that make Bamboo fabric an excellent choice for the perfect long sleeve running shirt

Long sleeve running shirts are not just for running. They can be worn during any activity that requires temperature regulation, sun protection and overall comfort during any season. With the natural benefits that Bamboo fabric offers, you will quickly wonder how you were able to survive just about any physical activity without your Bamboo long sleeve running shirt. You will never have to worry about wrinkles in your clothing if you choose Bamboo fabric. If you are looking for worry free care, Bamboo is even wrinkle resistant naturally. They say there is no such thing as perfection, but when it comes to finding a great piece of clothing to add to your running and exercise gear, you will not be disappointed with a long sleeve running shirt. 

Why A Long Sleeve Running Shirt Should Be Your New Best Friend

If you don’t feel like you are fully convinced of the benefits of a long sleeve running shirt, let’s recap to make sure you are. It is important to have clothes that fit well for running, and exercise in general, all year round. The harmful rays of the sun are not just during the summer months and neither is overheating. You need clothing that can assist you in regulating your temperature. 

Bamboo fabric is safe for all skin types because it is not treated with harmful chemicals and it is very easy to clean. It can provide protection from harmful UV rays even in the harsh winter months. Bamboo used in fabric,  naturally helps keep you dry because of moisture wicking properties.